Our CATTLE sale begins at 9am Thursdays!!!!

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Welcome to the new Durant Stockyards in Durant, Oklahoma!  We are Jeff and Rebeca Hazaleus, the new owners, and we are excited to work with you in marketing your livestock to their fullest potential!

A few things you should know about the philosophy behind the Durant Stockyards under new ownership ...

**We are not here to simply sell your cattle - it is our job to MARKET your cattle, present them to the largest selection of buyers in the area, utilize marketing on every level, and ensure they are handled and cared for properly while they are with us.

**We pride ourselves on the large selection of buyers in attendance at every sale.  Whether it is our weekly cattle sale or our monthly sheep and goat sale, your animals will be presented to the largest selection of buyers in the area, and it is that buying power that puts us at the top of the market

**Our employees are trained on proper animal care and handling.  We are very proud of our employees and training expertise that is not  available elsewhere.

**With Jeff’s background with the Livestock Marketing Association, we are passionate about protecting both producers and livestock markets from excessive legislation.  We meet with representatives on both the local and national level to protect cattlemen of all sizes and backgrounds.  If you would ever like to visit with us about our upcoming visits to the Capital, state associations, pending legislation, or how we are working to protect you please feel free to stop in!  WE are working for cattlemen on every level and proud to be out there working for you. 

Durant Stockyards 2201 South 9th Avenue Durant, OK 74702  (580) 924-1850  (580) 380-6300